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A twist of fate has seen Orazio's star outshone by that of his daughter, Artemisia, but Orazio's refined and classicising interpretation of Caravaggism was widely admired across Europe, and he ended his years in London as court painter to Charles I.
Second DP2 - Italian painting and Caravaggism including copies;
Caravaggio: Reflections and Refractions emphasizes Caravaggism within a global visual arts discourse by asserting the importance of connoisseurship and the curatorial dynamics of the modern museum.
Like the Baroque-era works of Tournier (and Caravaggio himself), the narrative Caravaggism of The Virgin Blue transcends the temporal limitations of individual historic scenes and--perhaps even more importantly--lends iconographic complexity and power to the novel's challenges to gender- and class-based hierarchies, both past and present.
Eventually, he developed an admirably personal, more lyrical version of Caravaggism, producing, especially during the late Teens and Twenties of the 1600s, pictures memorable for their light-filled, refined realism, their geometric compositions, and their delicacy of touch.