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n.1.A member of a secret political association in Italy, organized in the early part of the nineteenth centry for the purpose of changing the government into a republic.
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Noirtier, who, on the previous night, was the old Jacobin, the old senator, the old Carbonaro, laughing at the guillotine, the cannon, and the dagger -- M.
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Carbonaro and Adam Gamoran, "The Production of Achievement Inequality in High School English," American Educational Research Journal (2002) 39: 801-827.
Thanks also to my students in Phil/Crim 380 at Felician College during the fall of 2011--Anthony Bizien, Tori Bradburn, Mark Carbonaro, Maria Lopez-Delgado, and Kristin Roberts-for discussing some of this material with me.
The WREA 2013 Sales Achievement Award was earned by Dan Carbonaro, Jenna Sindoni and Francesco Francoforte.
To address concerns about the potential impact of an unmeasured variable, we attempted to quantify the robustness of our inferences using indices developed by Frank and colleagues (Frank, 2000; Pan & Frank, 2003); applications of this approach include Carbonaro & Covay (2010); Cheng, Martin, & Werum (2007); Crosnoe (2009); Crosnoe & Cooper (2010); and Frank, Zhao, Penuel, Ellefson, & Porter (201 i).
The Alexander yon Humboldt-Stiftung supported that original research, which was only possible thanks to the additional collaboration of varinus museum curators (not least Angela Carbonaro and Daniela Valestino at the Musei Capitolini in Rome).
Atalay YB, Carbonaro RF, Di TDM (2009) Distribution of proton dissociation constants for model humic and fulvic acid molecules.
Unfortunately, discussion of controversial issues, such as diversity of skin color, is not a common occurrence even in the social studies classroom, an expected site of such exchanges (Nystrand, Gamoran, & Carbonaro, 1998).
Preparation starts with a well-balanced portfolio (see below), says Cary Carbonaro, M.