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n.1.(Sugar Making) The saturation of defecated beet juice with carbonic acid gas.
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valuation du risque corrosion des ouvrages de sites bord de mer et bord de rivire soumis la carbonatation et aux chlorures.
These porous PIL networks exhibited significantly enhanced catalytic activity for organocatalyzed carbonatation reactions.
Other authors report that the removal of anthocyanins from sugar juice occurs by precipitation, which results from the excess calcium used during the carbonatation process (ARAUJO, 2007; CASTRO; ANDRADE, 2007).
The carbonatation of sugar cane juice consists in adding carbon dioxide concomitantly with calcium hydroxide, stabilizing its pH and forming the calcium carbonate complex, which acts as an agglutinating agent for the removal of substances diluted in the juice (HAMERSKI et al.
Therefore, as a contribution to studies dealing with the clarification of sugar cane juice by carbonatation, current investigation studied the influence of the addition of carbon dioxide and pH control on starch and ICUMSA color removal in the clarification of sugar cane juice.
In natura sugar cane juice was previously evaluated to compare and quantify the effect of the carbonatation process on its composition (Table 2).
Carbonatation in paleosols formed on terraces of the Tormes River basin (Salamanca, Spain).
The soil is yellowish-brown in colour and of silty-clay/clay texture with slight carbonatation.
2] Dans la presente etude retrospective, les methodes considerees sont les suivantes: le stockage dans des reservoirs de petrole et de gaz, dans des couches de charbon en profondeur, dans des aquiferes salins profonds, dans le fond des oceans, dans des cavernes de gisements de sel, ainsi que par carbonatation de mineraux.
Decrepitation yield varies between 90-95 percent and the final step of carbonatation which has just begun should be completed by mid-March.