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n.1.An explosive consisting essentially of nitroglycerin, wood meal, and some nitrate, as that of sodium.
2.An explosive composed of nitrobenzene, saltpeter, sulphur, and kieselguhr.
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Launched in 2017, Graphite is an integrated, all-in-one production powerhouse that combines a real Carbonite production switcher with XPression graphics, two channels of clip server and a brand new 28-channel RAVE audio engine.
Carbonite announced financial results for the quarter and full year ended December 31, 2017.
The rebels' base is blasted back to Naboo while Han winds up frozen in carbonite (cheers Boba Fett
The Rocket Surgery packages, says Ross Video, showcase the smart production power of Graphite, which integrates Ross XPression real-time motion graphics with the Ross Carbonite processing engine.
Dr Nefarious (Russell Brand) has accidentally frozen himself in carbonite and the Minions stage a revolt and abandon Gru in search of a Machiavellian master worthy of their talents.
Unveiled at NAB 2017, Graphite combines the performance of a 2ME Carbonite production switcher, 3D graphics of XPression, an instant access clip server, and the complete 28 channel RAVE audio mixer into an all-in-one production solution.
6 February 2017 - US-based data protection solutions company Carbonite, Inc.
She watched the Empire destroy her home planet with the Death Star and freeze her boyfriend in carbonite.
But the 6ft 7ins kick-boxing champ from Rhyl - whose credits also include Hellboy, Atlantis, The Wolfman, Batman Begins, Victor Frankenstein and Game of Thrones - is remaining as tight-lipped as Han Solo encased in carbonite.
You would have to be encased in carbonite not to know the seventh instalment of the saga is out on December 17.
NASDAQ: IRBT) said it has added Mohamad Ali, president and chief executive officer of Carbonite, Inc.