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n.1.An explosive consisting essentially of nitroglycerin, wood meal, and some nitrate, as that of sodium.
2.An explosive composed of nitrobenzene, saltpeter, sulphur, and kieselguhr.
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Han Solo in carbonite business card case, Wampa ice scraper mitt, Lightsaber ice pop maker, and before it is available to the general public, a Death Star tea infuser.
com, users can find and manage all the best offers from over 1,000 merchant partners including Carbonite, Doubleday Book Club, eHealthInsurance.
Believes Market Significantly Undervalues the Company and that Carbonite Could Be Worth Between $16 and $20 Per Share
Contract notice: Mission study for the proposed commercial port of bastia on the site carbonite.
17 August 2011 - Carbonite Inc (NASDAQ: CARB), a US online backup solutions provider, and its selling shareholders sold 7,187,500 ordinary shares at USD10.
The new data center, Internap's second facility in the Boston area, opened with a major anchor customer - Carbonite Inc.
David Maffei, Vice President, Global Channels, Carbonite said, "We could not be more pleased about our agreement with SYNNEX.
NASDAQ: CARB), a leading provider of cloud solutions that keep small businesses and home offices running smoothly, today announced results of a third-party test that found Carbonite Server backup backs up and restores data more than twice as fast as its competitors.
BOSTON -- David Friend, CEO and co-founder of online data backup company Carbonite, says online backup is continuing to emerge mainstream, as illustrated by another old industry giant gobbling up an established online backup player.
We know that our customers have a lot of data - from the files that help them run their business to family photos - and they need it backed up quickly," said David Friend, founder and CEO, Carbonite.
Bray's article states, "We'd give Carbonite the edge, thanks to its brain-dead simplicity and slightly lower price.
He brings to Carbonite the unique perspective of someone who not only advises organizations with more than 400,000 employees, but has been co-founder and CEO of a SaaS company himself.