Carcharhinus obscurus

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Noun1.Carcharhinus obscurus - relatively slender blue-grey sharkCarcharhinus obscurus - relatively slender blue-grey shark; nearly worldwide in tropical and temperate waters
requiem shark - any of numerous sharks from small relatively harmless bottom-dwellers to large dangerous oceanic and coastal species
Carcharhinus, genus Carcharhinus - type genus of the Carcharhinidae
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Validated growth estimates for Carcharhinus obscurus in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, with pre- and post management growth comparisons.
waters were relatively high because they had not been fished since shark liver oil was in high demand in the 1940's, with the exceptions of dusky sharks, Carcharhinus obscurus, and oceanic whitetip sharks, Carcharhinus longimanus, which were taken incidentally in large numbers in Japanese tuna fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1960's.
En el Pacifico oriental se ha registrado este tipo de anormalidades en diferentes especies, como: Mustelus californicus (Talent, 1973), Triakis semifaciata (Follett, 1976), My liobatis californica (De Jesus-Roldan, 1990), Galeocerdo cuvier y Narcine entemedor (SandovalCastillo et al., 2006), Hydrolagus colliei (Reum et al, 2008) y de manera reciente en Carcharhinus obscurus (Bejarano-Alvarez & Galvan-Magana, 2013).
This species has longterm sperm storage, a characteristic of nomadic sharks, such as Prionace glauca and Carcharhinus obscurus, that can store sperm in specialized tubules for months or years.
A 2.53-meter (8-foot 3-inch) great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) caught off Natal, South Africa, contained a whole 86-centimeter (33-inch) dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus).
Twenty four species of fish are reported for the first time from Colombian shrimp by-catch: Carcharhinidae (Carcharhinus obscurus Lesueur 1818), Triakidae (Mustelus canis Mitchill, 1815, 2900 mm l.
Isolation, crystal structure and synthesis of arsenobetaine, a constituent of the Western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus, the dusky shark, Carcharhinus obscurus, and some samples of human urine.
(1986) reported that dolphin remains were found most often in tiger, dusky (Carcharhinus obscurus), and bull sharks.
Nursery grounds, movement patterns and growth rates of dusky sharks, Carcharhinus obscurus: a long-term tag and release study in South African waters.
0.3 Prionace glauca 0.3 Carcharhinus galapagensis 0.3 Carcharhinus falciformis 0.2 Carcharhinus obscurus 0.1 Sphyrna zygaena 0.1 Other sharks (1) 0.2 Industiral shark catch Scientific name % of catch Carcharhinus falciformis 50.5 Sphyrna lewini 12.9 Alopias pelagicus 12.1 Mustelus lunulatus 9.3 Rhizoprionodon longurio 6.0 Ginglymostoma cirratum 2.0 Carcharhinus porosus 1.9 Galeocerdo cuvier 1.6 Nasolamia velox 1.6 Carcharhinus limbatus 1.1 Heterodontus mexicanus 0.7 Prionace glauca 0.2 (1) Other sharks consists of A.
Other shark species with this type of sperm storage are Carcharhinus obscurus and Sphyrna lewini (Pratt 1993).