Carcharhinus plumbeus

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Noun1.Carcharhinus plumbeus - most common grey shark along coasts of middle Atlantic states; sluggish and occasionally caught by fishermen
requiem shark - any of numerous sharks from small relatively harmless bottom-dwellers to large dangerous oceanic and coastal species
Carcharhinus, genus Carcharhinus - type genus of the Carcharhinidae
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Additionally, in 2008 observations of a sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus, research fishery were initiated under the shark bottom longline program's umbrella; 100% coverage was required.
falciformis (single layered spermatozeugmata), have been found in other carcharhinids like the black tip shark Carcharhinus limbatus and the sandbar shark Carcharhinus plumbeus (Pratt & Tanaka 1994).
Specifically, commercial shark fishermen not participating in a special research fishery are no longer allowed to land sandbar sharks, Carcharhinus plumbeus, and are limited to 33 other large coastal shark species (e.
Nursery delineation, movement patterns, and migration of the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus, in the eastern shore of Virginia coastal bays and lagoons.
Carcharhinus plumbeus * Galeorhinus galeus * Galeus melastomus * Mustelus asterias * Mustelus mustelus * Prionace glauca Pseudotriakis microdon Rhizopdonodon acutus * Scyliorhinus canicula ?
of control magnet Species n treatments treatments Rhizoprionodon 15 7 8 terraenouae Carcharhinus limbatus 6 3 3 Carcharhinus plumbeus 4 2 2 Dasyatis americana 4 1 3 Negaprion breuirostris 1 0 1 Total elasmobranchs 30 13 17 Table 2 Elasmobranch catch composition from longline gear with barium-ferrite magnets in 54 sets.
Validated age and growth of the sandbar shark Carcharhinus plumbeus (Nardo 1827) in the waters off western Australia.
1993) reported on a 17-year time series of abundance for sandbar, Carcharhinus plumbeus, and dusky, C.
Ninety-one percent of the tags are accounted for by eight species: blue shark (57%); sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus (15%); dusky shark, C.
Nursery delineation, habitat utilization, movements, and migration of juvenile Carcharhinus plumbeus in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA.
Spatial delineation of summer nursery areas for juvenile sandbar sharks, Carcharhinus plumbeus, in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia.
Rapid and simultaneous identification of body parts from morphologically similar sharks Carcharhinus obscurus and Carcharhinus plumbeus (Carcharhinidae) using Multiplex PCR.