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(Zool.) an edible, shore crab (Carcinus menas) of Europe and America; - in New England locally named joe-rocker.

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The crab, whose scientific name is Carcinus maenas, is an invasive species that for decades has been moving into new coastal environments around the world and quickly dominating them.
Effects of sublethal and lethal copper levels in hemolymph acid-base balance and ion concentration in the shore crab Carcinus maenas kept in undiluted seawater.
For example, Magee and Elwood (2013) found that the shore crab Carcinus maenas learns to avoid specific shelters in response to very strong negative stimuli (electric shocks) after only two experiences.
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Biomarkers study for sediment quality assessment in Spanish ports using the crab Carcinus maenas and the clam Ruditapes philippinarum.
The cytMnSOD and mtMnSOD genes have been cloned from so me crustaceans, such as Fenneropenaeus chinensis, Carcinus maenas, Macrobrachium rosenbergii and Marsupenaeus japonicus (Cheng et al.
Depledge (1997) Effects of the organophosphorous pesticide dimethoate on cardiac and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity in the shore crab Carcinus maenas.
The researchers then fed those mollusks to shore crabs, Carcinus maenas.
Heterochely is widespread among Brachyurans and has been reported for species such as Callinectes ornatus Ordway, 1563 studied by Haefner (1990), Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758) by Kaiser et al.
Mae 'na granc arall ar y traeth hefyd, sef y cranc glas neu granc y traeth - Carcinus maenas ydi ei enw gwyddonol, a'r shore crab neu'r green crab yn Saesneg.