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Noun1.library catalog - an enumeration of all the resources of a librarylibrary catalog - an enumeration of all the resources of a library
catalogue, catalog - a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically; "it does not pretend to be a catalog of his achievements"
card catalog, card catalogue - a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card
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Contract notice: Retrospective conversion walk in sudoc the unimarc format card catalogs service fund of the library of the national archives.
Indeed, libraries have evolved from the days of inked date stampers, stern shushes from staff members, and well-used card catalogs.
AP) -- Once central to any quest to locate books within a library, the fate of card catalogs was sealed with the rise of the Internet and computer searches, relegating many of those index cards to the country's basements, storage cabinets and trash bins.
In many libraries, particularly those with more than one floor, there were separate card catalogs for specific areas.
Ditch the handwritten roster and card catalogs and take a software test drive.
With the proliferation of electronic resources, many students lack any exposure to traditional print journal indices and card catalogs.
Suddenly I was in a comfortable environment again, working with card catalogs in all their peculiarities.
With school back in session, more students are seeing their campus libraries undergo a dramatic transformation from cramped rooms filled with clunky card catalogs and dusty old books to slick multimedia centers where they can polish PowerPoint presentations and use the Internet to research papers.
We have converted the monumental card catalogs and other manual bibliographic files into vast shared databases such as OCLC, RLIN, and other consortial catalogs.
If our libraries still relied on card catalogs, the scope and extent of the conglomerated cards would cause Nicholson Baker unimaginable ecstasy and Edmund Lester Pearson unimaginable pain.
Indexes, printed and electronic references, card catalogs, and public and commercial electronic databases are all covered.
Gettysburg's client/server architecture, based on hardware from Sun Microsystems, enables students--as well as faculty and librarians--to access the card catalogs of 695 libraries around the world.