Card rack

a rack or frame for holding and displaying business or visiting card.

See also: Card

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then he noticed the gift card rack besides my till with a few stray cards attached.
To break the ice, the magician plucked five cards from a normal 52-deck card rack and asked Fallon to think of any one of those cards.
Another scam to be wary of, points out AARP, is when thieves go to a store gift card rack, secretly write down or electronically scan the numbers off the cards, then check online or call the toll-free number to see if someone has bought the cards and activated them.
The WTC-100[TM] automates the thermal characterization of heat sinks, boards, components in a wind tunnel or card rack testing for different fan tray configurations.
The thug threw the tape at staff and damaged a greetings card rack in the incident at Honley Post Office yesterday.
Halai, of Fox Street, Treharris, who denies the theft of pounds 83,531 and perverting the course of justice, claimed the man had pushed him into the card rack before making him lock the door.
"There is unusual demand in front of the seasonal card rack, so there's a big need for supplemental displays in strategic positions.
When he saw a functional 4-foot greeting card rack at a vendors' show, he used his welding skills to build a similar one that is 7 feet tall.
On the home front I'm preparing for Mother's Day, which, as a daughter, involves standing in front of the card rack for hours, trying to find a card that doesn't tell any lies and eventually settling for a blank card with a floral print where I can write my own truthful message.
The card rack has been expanded from nine to 12 slots, and it now offers alarm logging and additional capabilities-- like separate analog controls for core/ejector speed and pressure and adjustable pull-in force on the injection-unit sled.
Scenes include a billboard lined highway, a carousel card rack, a photo album, and an art gallery.