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v. shuf·fled, shuf·fling, shuf·fles
1. To move with short sliding steps, without or barely lifting the feet: The crowd shuffled out of the theater.
2. To dance casually with sliding and tapping steps.
3. To shift from position to position or move from place to place: shuffled around looking for work.
4. To present, play, or display (music or video files) in random order.
5. Games To mix playing cards, tiles, or dominoes together so as to make their order random.
6. Archaic To act in a shifty or deceitful manner; equivocate.
1. To slide (the feet) along the floor or ground while walking.
2. To move (things, for example) from one place or position to another; transfer or shift: shuffle around the cushions on the couch.
3. To put quickly or furtively; shunt: shuffled the bill under a pile of junk mail.
4. To present, play, or display music or video files in random order.
5. Games To mix together (playing cards or tiles, for example) so as to make a random order of arrangement.
1. A short sliding step or movement, or a walk characterized by such steps.
2. A dance in which the feet slide along or move close to the floor.
3. A confused mixture or state of things; a jumble: The letter got lost in the shuffle.
4. A feature on a music or video player that plays music or other files in a random order.
5. Games
a. An act of shuffling cards, dominoes, or tiles.
b. A player's right or turn to do this.
6. Archaic An evasive or deceitful action; an equivocation.
Phrasal Verb:
shuffle off
1. To get rid of; dispose of.
2. To evade or shirk (a responsibility, for example).
3. Informal To leave; depart.

[Middle English shovelen, probably of Middle Dutch or Middle Low German origin.]

shuf′fler n.
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Noun1.shuffling - walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet; "from his shambling I assumed he was very old"
walk, walking - the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"
2.shuffling - the act of mixing cards haphazardlyshuffling - the act of mixing cards haphazardly
reordering - a rearrangement in a different order
reshuffling, reshuffle - shuffling again; "the gambler demanded a reshuffle"
riffle - shuffling by splitting the pack and interweaving the two halves at their corners
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards


adj walk, steps, soundschlurfend; the shuffling movement of a badgerdas Watscheln eines Dachses
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Another majority owned subsidiary, MGT Interactive, owns REAL DEAL POKER(TM), an innovative online poker technology with a patented card shuffling system, allowing for regulatory transparency and auditability, and a higher level of realism.
Cox, of Mount View, Swalwell, Gateshead, is said to have "arranged" the cards while using a card shuffling machine the casino uses called a Shuffle Star, to ensure customers had odds stacked in their favour.
eCOGRA certified safe, secure and trusted - 128bit SSL banking encryption for maximum security - Independently audited for game randomness, card shuffling and payout percentages.
They have practiced their card shuffling and chip counting, and they are ready to deal.
Like the card shuffling experts he gained our trust, promising to make us all wealthier.
All this by a man who, aside from some childhood card shuffling in his home town Paola, Kan.
AMEX:EGT) ("Elixir") today jointly announced they have entered into an agreement pursuant to which Elixir Gaming has sold to Shuffle Master its intellectual property related to Elixir Gaming's card shuffling and card deck checking equipment, including the RandomPlus Shuffler, the ShufflePro Shuffler, and the DeckChecker.
Now is the time that Chris Hughton ends his card shuffling and produces his best 11 for the job.
com regular independent auditor reports certify all such issues, including verification of game randomness, card shuffling and payout percentages - which at 97%, are actually higher than at land-based casinos.
Its products include table devices, such as the automated card verification machine, computer-based card shuffling system, and high-frequency RFID-gaming chips and plaques.
According to Hoovers, Shuffle Master (NASDAQ:SHFL) has sold or leased more than 15,000 of its single- and multi-deck automatic card shuffling devices, which help increase casino security and efficiency.