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 (măz′ə-răN′), Jules Originally Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino. 1602-1661.
Italian-born French cardinal who exercised great political influence as adviser to the regent during Louis XIV's youth.
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(ˈmæzərɪn; French mazarɛ̃)
(Biography) Jules (ʒyl), original name Giulio Mazarini. 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy. He succeeded Richelieu (1642) as chief minister to Louis XIII and under the regency of Anne of Austria (1643–61). Despite the disturbances of the Fronde (1648–53), he strengthened the power of France in Europe
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(ˌmæz əˈrɛ̃, -ˈrin)

Jules (Giulio Mazarini), 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy.
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Such was the state of affairs at the very moment we introduced our readers to the study of Cardinal Mazarin -- once that of Cardinal Richelieu.
All eyes, after having admired the young king, so handsome and so agreeable, sought for that other king of France, much otherwise king than the former, and so old, so pale, so bent, that people called him the Cardinal Mazarin.
Women arrive in white masks, suggesting an eerily watchful court, where nothing is what it seems and all of it controlled by the sinister Cardinal Mazarin (the splendid Tyrone Singleton).
The colonel later sold Titian's Pardo Venus for which he had paid 600 [pounds sterling], to Cardinal Mazarin's agent for 7,000 [pounds sterling].
"Le Grand Mazarin" which is named after Cardinal Mazarin, an Italian cardinal, diplomat, and politician, who served as the chief minister to the kings of France, Louis XIII and Louis XIV, from 1642 until his death.
Called Le Grand Mazarin, it takes its name from Cardinal Mazarin, who become France's Chief Minister in 1642 and assembled a gem collection.
The collaborative work of Yves Jego (a politician and the author of several works of fiction and non-fiction) and Denis Lepee (an environmental adviser and historical novelist) "The Sun King Conspiracy" is fast-paced historical mystery that features many real-life seventeenth-century characters including Moliere, La Fontaine, Cardinal Mazarin, and Louis XIV, as well as famous locations, including the Louvre palace, Versailles, and the chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte.
The rebellions were directed against the regency government headed by Louis XIV's mother Anne and her adviser Cardinal Mazarin.
Eight years later, upon the death of Cardinal Mazarin, the King claims the throne and demands his autocratic power over all affairs of state and art.
But later in Paris he was idolized by two nieces of Cardinal Mazarin. It is uncertain whether castrati could not get erections.
An ageing D'Artagnan attempts to reunite his former colleagues to save the Queen from the scheming Cardinal Mazarin. With Roy Kinnear, who sadly died during production.