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Noun1.Cardinal Richelieu - French prelate and statesmanCardinal Richelieu - French prelate and statesman; principal minister to Louis XIII (1585-1642)
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Any one who happened at that moment to contemplate that red simar -- the gorgeous robe of office -- and the rich lace, or who gazed on that pale brow, bent in anxious meditation, might, in the solitude of that apartment, combined with the silence of the ante-chambers and the measured paces of the guards upon the landing-place, have fancied that the shade of Cardinal Richelieu lingered still in his accustomed haunt.
He was the son of a banker at Lyons named Particelli, who, after becoming a bankrupt, chose to change his name to Emery; and Cardinal Richelieu having discovered in him great financial aptitude, had introduced him with a strong recommendation to Louis XIII.
Such was the state of affairs at the very moment we introduced our readers to the study of Cardinal Mazarin -- once that of Cardinal Richelieu. We have seen in what state of mind he listened to the murmurs from below, which even reached him in his seclusion, and to the guns, the firing of which resounded through that room.
A Louis XVI B Marie Antoinette C Catherine de Medici D Cardinal Richelieu 3.
These words were first written by novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, in his historical play Cardinal Richelieu. The cardinal was chief minister to King Louis XIII and he discovered a plot to kill him.
The origins of a permanent French sailing navy can be traced to the work of Cardinal Richelieu in the 1620s, but a virtually new Marine Royale had to be re-created by Colbert from 1661.
They learn of Cardinal Richelieu's (Christoph Waltz) plot to impugn the Duke of Buckingham (Orlando Bloom), and hatch a plan to stop him.
The future prime-minister plans to try on Cardinal Richelieu's red robe and control the country from behind the curtain not accounting to anyone.
However, instead of arriving back in Paris as heroes, they find themselves out on their ear, as the Musketeers company is disbanded by Cardinal Richelieu, who is furious at their failure; the trio have been deceived by the double-dealing Milady de Winter, who has passed the stolen plans on to England's Duke of Buckingham.
1624 - France's King Louis XIII names Cardinal Richelieu as first minister.
Braudel provides some interesting bits of information like Queen Marie-Therese taking chocolate secretly, a bad habit she picked up in Spain, or Cardinal Richelieu drinking chocolate for its medicinal properties; Spanish nuns had recommended it 'to moderate the vapours of his spleen.'