cardinal numbers

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أعْدادٌ أَصْلِيَّه
základní číslovky
základné číslovky
sayal sayılar


(ˈkaːdənl) adjective
chief; principal. cardinal sins.
(the status of) one of the men next in rank to the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.
cardinal numbers numbers expressing quantity (1,2,3 etc). See also ordinal numbers
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The book begins with an overview of preliminary notions and tools such as cardinal numbers, abstract and linear algebra, residual subsets, and lineability, spaceability, and algebrability.
He also assumes students to be familiar enough with Zorn's lemma, commutative diagrams, and ordinal and cardinal numbers that his brief review will suffice.
The most robust multi-objective method has to satisfy the following condition: the method of multiple objectives based on cardinal numbers is more robust than this one based on ordinal numbers.
Later, in his now famous speech given to the International Conference of Mathematicians at Paris in 1900, David Hilbert posed as his first problem (of 23) whether there are any nondenumerable sets whose cardinal numbers lie between [N.
The preceding proposition implies that the cardinal numbers [c.
If [alpha] = [absolute value of A] and [beta] = [absolute value of B] are cardinal numbers such that there is an injection from A to B we say that [alpha] is smaller than [beta]; if, further, the sets A, B are not equipotent, we say that [alpha] is strictly less than [beta] and we write [alpha] [?
For example, while all three lists have approximately the same amount of conjunctions, cardinal numbers and determiners, the BNC and Kucera lists over twice as many nouns as the SMART list.