Cardinal red

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a color like that of a cardinal's cassock, hat, etc.; a bright red, darker than scarlet, and between scarlet and crimson.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Though the franchise is in Missouri, the Cardinals' home field is just a couple of Paul Goldschmidt moonshots from the Illinois border, where you are far more likely to find Illinoisans sporting Cardinal red than Cubby blue or whatever color the White Sox are wearing these days.
It might come with ( 45W fast charging , and might be released in ( five different colors including ( cardinal red.
Here it's a cardinal red that loops across the canvas from left to right, accentuating jacket, dropped ball, popish cap and shoes.
Sugar Candy has pink satin-textured blooms up to 20cm in diameter, Apricot Delight has large blooms with serrated petals, and Allan Langdon is cardinal red and free-flowering.
The 174,000-square-foot medical office building, which opened in October 2018, features curved lines and stacked forms and a color palette inspired by Kentucky's regional flora and fauna, such as cardinal red to represent the state bird, blue for the sky, and green for Kentucky's rolling fields.
Rather, cardinal red and papal extravagance outstrip the banality of clothes.
Standouts from the collection were his lace dresses with sheer panels, embroidery, velvet dresses, floral brocade coats, velvet gowns in royal blue, forest green, cardinal red, as well as his sequined draped gowns.
The vehicle is available in Crimson Red Tintcoat, Cardinal Red, Deep Garnet Metallic and Mahogany Metallic.
Despite the slogan, it turns out one game on the 2013 schedule was actually circled in Cardinal red throughout the season.
The designer tie includes cardinal red and white stripes with a Red Raider F logo.