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 (kär′dē-ō) Informal
Exercise that increases heart rate.
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He was addressing the inaugural session of the 'Annual Cardio Conference-2017' as a chief guest on Friday night here at a local hotel, which was organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS).
One of the biggest fitness questions is whether cardio should be done before or after you lift weights.
EIGHT local coaches attended a cardio tennis course at Silksworth Community Pool and Tennis and Wellness Centre in Sunderland to accelerate the success of the fitnessbased tennis sessions across the North East.
Filmed on-location at beautiful coastal and natural locations around the world, In Light of Change consists of warm-up, three cardio sections (cardio stretch, cardio box, and cardio legs), lower and upper body workout, "total abs" conditioning, stretching, flexibility, and cooldown segments, offering a fine balance of ancient and modern exercises as well as alternative complimentary medicine techniques.
With moderate intensity cardio such as steady state running, cycling or cross trainer work, you're likely to burn more calories in 30 minutes than you are lifting weights.
THERE'S been numerous research studies carried out on the benefits of performing your cardio workout while in a fasted state (before breakfast).
TomTom, Navigation and mapping Products Company has declared four GPS sport watches - Runner, Multi-Sport, Runner Cardio and Multi-Sport Cardio in India.
Prepare:Before the holiday by doing a mixture of conditioning and cardio to tone and shape the muscles, plus burn off excess body fat.
The weekends are being supported by Tennis Wales and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to encourage people to try out activities such as Cardio Tennis, Mini Tennis, to receive tennis coaching or simply just turn up and play with their friends and family - all completely free.
This year each day of the conference focused on one of five core competencies: Cardio Tennis, 10 and Under Tennis, club operations, teaching/sport science, and high performance.
In Cardio, Farmers insured Cardio under a commercial property insurance policy which included a water exclusion for "loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by .
Expected outcomes include increased understanding of cardio health factors, benefits of daily physical activity and increased nutrition knowledge.