aerobic exercise

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Noun1.aerobic exercise - exercise that increases the need for oxygenaerobic exercise - exercise that increases the need for oxygen
cardiopulmonary exercise - exercise intended to strengthen the circulatory system
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The researchers recommended that to get the greatest health and fitness benefits, people should strive for a mix of moderate and vigorous cardiovascular exercise, as well as strength training.
'Circuits for Seniors' will help build strength and provide cardiovascular exercise training to keep them fit and active.
The suppliers will provide the hotel with a full range of exercise equipment including weights machines for specific muscle groups, free weights, running machines for cardiovascular exercise and Technogym's patented Kinesis machine.
Aimed at teens, this guide to fitness draws on information from periodicals, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations such as KidsHealth, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the body and the components of fitness, including nutrition, weight management, mental wellness, and sleep; creating and maintaining a fitness plan; exercise fundamentals (cardiovascular exercise, running, calisthenics, strength training, and pilates and yoga) and how to measure intensity; various team sports; activities for teens who don't like sports; sports safety; and dealing with problems like injuries, motivation, asthma, diabetes, physical disabilities, compulsive exercising, the female athlete triad, and steroids.
At least five times a week, he heads to the gym after work, sometimes lifting weights, sometimes doing cardiovascular exercise.
Ergometry is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that works the upper body.
However, those running intensively may want to consider incorporating another type of non-impact cardiovascular exercise to help recovery from long runs.
Cardiovascular exercise was executed separate from his traditional physical therapy sessions.
"Earning Nectar points each time I exercise is an added incentive for me to lose weight and get back to full fitness." He visits three times a week, lifting weights, swimming and doing cardiovascular exercise.
Advanced Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology joins others in the college-level 'Advanced Exercise Physiology Series' of titles to offer in-depth, technical consideration of the effect of acute and chronic exercise training on each part of the cardiovascular system.

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