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n.1.(Zool.) The basal joint of the maxilla in insects.
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We walked down the mountains and met up with the soldiers with whom we arranged our surrender,' Cardo said.
A few months after their separation, Cardo went to Marlie's house to convince Lisa to live with him again.
On the other hand, the sale of the non-core businesses Cardo Flow Solutions and Lorentzen & Wettre will soon be finalised, bringing a gain of SEK430m.
Cardo said the ordinary aspects of recession don't affect islanders, though he admits Madoff and other Wall Street wipeouts do.
Maria Bergving, for Cardo, confirmed the possible cutbacks but insisted it was still early days.
Cardo Systems' Scala S-800 headset features eight volume levels and provides up to eight hours of talk time in a lightweight form.
Cardo also states that adults should avoid taking medications in front of young children.
A new USD3m contract has been awarded to US communications holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) by Cardo Group, an international industrial group.
Ribas-Fito N, Cardo E, Sala M, Eulalia dM, Mazon C, Verdu A, et al.
Jose Cardo, MD, the former director of LifeQuest Organ Recovery Services in Gainesville, FL, has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution, by a Florida judge for selling human organs, including kidneys and livers, to his own company.