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n.1.(Zool.) The basal joint of the maxilla in insects.
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The new product, Cardo SHO-1 , will incorporate Cardo's latest technology and feature a novel and patent-protected bifurcated design that includes, among others, a replaceable battery pack.
Only the section to the east of the cardo (the Samnitic extension) shows the typical Graeco-Roman chess-board grid with right-angled corners and parallel-running streets.
La diversidad de factores influyentes en las estimaciones de prevalencia, como antes se ha indicado, unido a las discrepancias de los hallazgos actuales sobre el tema, explican que, en este ambito, las investigaciones se desarrollen con dos objetivos esenciales: a) estimar la prevalencia del TDAH considerando mas de un criterio/ parametro de referencia y b) precisar la prevalencia de esta sintomatologia teniendo en cuenta la diferenciacion por subtipos y la incidencia en los datos de la variable sexo (Servera y Cardo, 2007).
Cardo said the ordinary aspects of recession don't affect islanders, though he admits Madoff and other Wall Street wipeouts do.
Cardo, "The information collected from this system is essential to developing and maintaining effective prevention programs at the local level.
Ribas-Fito N, Cardo E, Sala M, Eulalia dM, Mazon C, Verdu A, et al.
Cardo, MD, director of the CDC's healthcare quality promotion program.
The old town focuses on the crossroads of what must have been the Roman cardo and decumanus: the Quattro Canti, where Baroque palace elevations front the square, now intolerably overrun by traffic (Sicilians are determined drivers).
Jose Cardo, MD, the former director of LifeQuest Organ Recovery Services in Gainesville, FL, has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution, by a Florida judge for selling human organs, including kidneys and livers, to his own company.
Little wonder members of the College of Cardinals are known as "princes of the church," even though the etymology of the word cardinal, from the Latin cardo, denotes a beam used to fortify a structure.
Martone, as well as CDC staff Machel Forney, J Shaw, and Denise Cardo, for their work in assembling the conference proceedings.
The brand new scala rider G4 PowerSet increases the range that motorcyclists can enjoy speaking with each other and also extends the number of bikers who can speak on intercom at once with full duplex," said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc.