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Those watching bullies in action (other students) may experience untoward, adverse effects as well (Clark, Olender, Kenski, & Cardoni, 2013).
BELLEVILLE -- Enjoy pieces by Jules Moquet, George Gershwin, Eric Ewazen and Astor Piazzolla performed by Southwestern Illinois College Music faculty members Diana Umali, Kristi Cardoni and Ed Jacobs, who will accompany on euphonium.
Cardoon (cardoni, cardune), or burdock, is known in Europe and America; here, it is traditionally gathered in the wild in spring, before the stalks get too tough and large.
Cardoni, "Architectures for ultrasonic planetary sample retrieval tools," Ultrasonics, vol.
Camera (color, widescreen), Matthew Clark; editors, Lee Haxall, Jonathan Schwartz; music, Jeff Cardoni; music supervisor, John Houlihan; production designer, Tyler Robinson; art director, Mark E.
Among specific topics are the Gutenberg galaxy's dark matter: lost incunabula and a way to retrieve them, in search of lost Fortuna: reconstructing the publishing history of the Polish book of fortune-telling, the editorial history of a rare and forbidden Franciscan book of the Italian Renaissance: the Dialogo della Unione Sprituale di Dio con l'anima by Bartolomeo Cardoni, book use and sociability in lost libraries of the 18th century: towards a union catalogue, and Italian archives and libraries in the Second World War.
In addition, approximately 90% of nurses reported witnessing abusive behavior in health care (Clark, Olender, Cardoni, & Kenski, 2011).
Oxford 169, Uxbridge 171: Cam Cardoni and Jared Chisholm each shot 41 to help the Pirates (6-8-1) win at par-37 Pine Ridge.