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 (kär-dō′zō), Benjamin Nathan 1870-1938.
American jurist and writer who served as an associate justice of the US Supreme Court (1932-1938).


(kɑrˈdoʊ zoʊ)

Benjamin Nathan, 1870–1938, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1932–38.
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CARDOZO, supra note 1, at 165 ("[There are cases that] might be decided either way.
CDATA[ TNL: Rabbi Cardozo presents fresh-exciting perspective on how Israel should contend w/ Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah & all those who seek its destruction.
Javi Garcia opened the scoring after 16 minutes while further strikes by Luisao (22), Oscar Cardozo (29), Pablo Aimar (35) and Nascimento Ramires (37) had the hosts 5-0 up at the interval.
According to a report in the Telegraph, the Cardozo family, from Mere, Wilts, and a group of friends, traveled 1,242 miles from Monte Carlo to Morocco in an electric paramotor powered by the sun.
The two-seater Skycar was developed by 29-year-old self-taught engineer Gilo Cardozo, in his workshop in Mere, Wiltshire.
That's because a British engineer, Giles Cardozo, has built a roadster that can also take to the skies.
Cardozo's enduring study, The Nature of the Judicial Process, which was published eleven years before Justice Cardozo joined the U.
The vehicle was created by Giles Cardozo and is the world's first road-legal biofuelled flying car and can change from ground to flying mode in just three minutes.
As reported by the BBC, Professor Linda Cardozo of King's College Hospital, London, expressed serious reservations about the increasing prevalence of cosmetic vaginal surgery.
His relationship with Judge Cardozo was, of course, a very important part of his career.
Cardozo School of Law, served as dean of Cardozo law school from 1997-2001, where the Paul R.
Professor Niek Lopes Cardozo, head of fusion research at the FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, Netherlands, made the opening speech at a UN students conference in New York, March 6-7.