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 (kär-do͞o′chē), Giosuè 1835-1907.
Italian poet whose work promoted the cause of national unification. He won the 1906 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Italian karˈduttʃi)
(Biography) Giosuè (dʒozuˈɛ). 1835–1907, Italian poet: Nobel prize for literature 1906


(kɑrˈdu tʃi; It. kɑrˈdut tʃi)
Giosuè, ( “Enotrio Romano” ), 1835–1907, Italian poet and critic: Nobel prize 1906.
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Noun1.Carducci - Italian poet considered the national poet of modern Italy (1835-1907)Carducci - Italian poet considered the national poet of modern Italy (1835-1907)
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