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n.1.(Naut.) Expense of careening ships.
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A first commission was created in 1831 to monitor the digging of the Careenage basin (Morel-Deledalle 1997: 37).
has invested about $2 million in upgrading infrastructure at the Inner Basin of the Careenage as the government continues to facilitate development of yachting as a new niche market for Barbados's tourism, reports BGIS (Jan.
Government also became a consumer when it supplied public lighting to the wharves and inner basin of the Careenage inlet.
This one reminds me of the Careenage in Bridgetown where the water stinks.
10, this work brought moreover, certain important aerodynamic corrections around this UAV such as the aerodynamic careenage of the nose of the fuselage and the setting of the bases of fastener of the beams on the level of the under-surface of the wings
All the Cobhams needed now was a safe haven--a harbour to hide their ship and a good place for careenage.