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n.1.(Ecol.) A fast of forty days on bread and water.
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Carene comes from very humble Jewish origins in Algeria, where her grandmother was a cleaning lady for rich French colonists, but her food is not humble at all.
But the girls were rescued when Carene ran out of the house - pursued by a man brandishing a slipper.
Other Pattern winners are Lady Winner (in foal to Woodman), dam of a Grade 2-placed runner, Miss Boniface (Quest For Fame) and La Carene (Nureyev).
All wedding certificates are signed with fountain pens and to remember the day every day Waterman present the Carene, which has a solid 18 carat gold nib and a 23 carat gold plated clip on the barrel.
Provision of hot drinks and food dispensers for the city of saint-nazaire and carene.
Every time someone asked if I should get this alarm system, I would say, `Get a dog,'" asserts Carene John, who once worked for a popular home security company in customer sales.
The bicyclic monoterpenes comprised mainly compounds of the camphane group, such as camphene, borneol, bornyl acetate, isobornyl acetate, the saturated ketone like camphor; carene, pinenes, together with sabinene.
While [alpha]-pinene, [beta]-pinene and delta-3 carene are often found, western red cedar oil consists mainly of [beta]-thujone.
Contract notice: case no18s0016 - acquisition of professional-type pond bottom robots for the carene pools
Soroptimist International of Eugene has installed the following officers: president, Carene Davis-Stitt, DeltaNet Management Consultants; president-elect, Ellen Adams, Academy Mortgage Corp.