Cargason, Cargazon

 a cargo; freight of a ship, 1645; used figuratively.
Examples: cargason of cloth, 1645; of compliments, 1642; of corrupt humours, 1645.
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milagro de la cargason de nieue y granizos que cayo del cielo (...) y murir mucha gente y ganados (54)
Cargason billed as 'Iron Man' for playing four games and Aileen L.
The ship that Donne now describes, sailing in high winds towards the harbor of "true religion," carries two kinds of weight: "Ballast, our Discretion" which allows the Christian to ride easily and steadily through political waters and "Cargason," or zeal, which is the very "Merchandise it self, which enriches us in the land of the living" (361).