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Noun1.loading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloadedloading dock - a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
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The Company's single module, used previously on the STS-95 John Glenn mission where he performed numerous experiments, is about the size of four rows in a Boeing 737 and is mounted in the shuttle cargo bay.
On April 26, NASA plans to orbit another telescopic payload, but this time the instruments will stay fixed in the shuttle's cargo bay.
FORT WORTH, Texas, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- C I Host, a global leader in Web hosting and software development, today announced it will give away the equivalent of a space shuttle cargo bay of "virtual film" so that all digital photographers can try out the 2005 version of e-Memories On The Web.
The six-person vehicle would be small enough to fit inside the space shuttle's cargo bay - which is one way it might be brought up to the space station.
His inch-perfect manoeuvre ended with the runaway probe floating over the shuttle's open cargo bay.
The satellite will then be retrieved and returned to the shuttle cargo bay for use on later missions.
AirLaunch's design achieves responsiveness by carrying its QuickReach(TM) booster to altitude inside the cargo bay of an unmodified C-17A or other large cargo aircraft.
The local unit of San Diego-based Cubic Defense Systems and its team beat several rivals to win the Mission Bay Trainer contract, which will provide hands-on simulation systems to train ship personnel in managing the ship%s tactical mission-equipment cargo bay.
Because all recording devices operate separately the destruction of one will not affect the operation of the others, the resulting information will show if there was an explosion in the cargo bay, terrorist activity, or any mechanical failure.
3) Air show crowds explore the cavernous, and shady, cargo bay of an Air Force C-141B.
But while the flood through air and seaports was plugged many more illegals were slipping across the border hidden in the cargo bay of trucks or in car trunks.
Boarding the transport plane for the flight out, the scientists and drillers take seats in the cavernous cargo bay, next to stacks of long, insulated boxes.