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An ancient region of southwest Asia Minor with a coastline on the Aegean Sea. It was settled by Dorian and Ionian colonists and conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 bc.


(Placename) an ancient region of SW Asia Minor, on the Aegean Sea: chief cities were Halicarnassus and Cnidus: corresponds to the present-day Turkish districts of S Aydin and W Muğla


(ˈkɛər i ə)

an ancient district in SW Asia Minor.
Car′i•an adj.
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As when some woman of Meonia or Caria strains purple dye on to a piece of ivory that is to be the cheek-piece of a horse, and is to be laid up in a treasure house--many a knight is fain to bear it, but the king keeps it as an ornament of which both horse and driver may be proud--even so, O Menelaus, were your shapely thighs and your legs down to your fair ancles stained with blood.
En lo que respecta al Holoceno Tardio, podemos mencionar la evidencia de una tendencia hacia un proceso de creciente aridizacion (Gomez Augier y Caria 2012; Sampietro Vattuone y Neder 2011; Strecker 1987).
Ils sont disperses d'un bout a l'autre de notre beau et grand pays et travaillent au provincial et au federal; on pense, entre autres, a deux ministres federaux, Caria Qualtrough, ministre des Sports et des Personnes handicapees (deficience visuelle) et Kent Hehr, ministre des Anciens Combattants (quadriplegique).
The Persian king's army captures the boat of the noble Chaireas, who is then enslaved and, thereby, shamed, and those prisoners who attempt to escape are crucified at the command of the Persian satrap of Caria, Mithridates--equivalent to a Roman proconsul in the Roman system (3.
On the other hand, the territory of the small island republic increased six-fold and included Caria and Lycia, the Asian Minor territories across the sea.
80 compensation for a journey on April 9 between Middlesbrough and Redcar central; Joanne Ferguson, 40, of Muriel Street, Redcar, ordered to pay compensation of PS7 after dodging her fare between South Bank and Redcar central on April 12; Aminata Balde Mane, 20, of Stowe Street, Gresham, Middlesbrough, ordered to pay PS7 compensation for a trip between Hartlepool and Sunderland on March 1; Caria Palmer, 23, of Somerset Street, central Middlesbrough, ordered to pay PS3.
Caria al Editor recibida el 22 de diciembre de 2015, reformulada el 10 de febrero de 2016.
The strategy will be to enter the AEC market at the tip of the construction 'pyramid' with architects, where Dassault Systemes already has relationships through its Caria software.
Raquel de Caria Patricio Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto Superior de Ciencias Sociais e Politicas, Lisboa, Portugal (raquelpatricio@iscsp.
But it was too little too late after they became disjointed with three penalty kills in the first period and failed to capitalise on a lengthy powerplay of their own after Matt Caria was ejected for slashing Carl Lauzon.
1970) "The Copy of Diocletian's Edict on Maximum Prices from Aphrodisias in Caria.