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Of or relating to the inhabitants of ancient Caria, their culture, or their language.
1. An inhabitant of ancient Caria.
2. The extinct Anatolian language of the Carians, known from scattered funerary inscriptions.
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Though popularly ascribed to Homer, its real author is said by Suidas to have been Pigres, a Carian, brother of Artemisia, `wife of Mausonis', who distinguished herself at the battle of Salamis.
The number of Bahraini students studying in the US stood at 459 students in the 2012-13 academic year," Carian College Advisors managing director Peter Davos said, reported the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
Carian ruler Hecatomnus erected marble buildings at the site.
These views were expressed by Peter Davos, managing director of Carian College Advisors, and Rob Miller and Lance Easton, NSR Directors of Recruiting, during the signing ceremony of the partnership and cross-marketing agreement.
Peter Davos, Managing Director of Carian College Advisors said: "Families in Dubai typically look to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore in their research for global universities for undergraduate study.
And Carian Scudamore has been forced to withdraw from the individual showjumping at the Games, starting today, after an injury to her horse Mister McGyver.
WELSH rider Carian Scudamore admitted she was happy to finally let her show jumping skills do the talking after kicking off her Youth Olympic Games medal hunt in perfect fashion in Singapore.
The Accenture Young Showjumper of the Year crown, meanwhile, went to Britain's Matthew Sampson, with Joe Clayton second and Welsh prospect Carian Scudamore third.
Chemakum, Akkadian, Carian, Illinois, Cumbric and Hadramautic are all examples of what?
While Harrison (1998:1-2) entertains the possibility that, having been born in Halicarnassus, Herodotus may have known Carian, he rejects this on the grounds that there is no evidence of such knowledge in his work.
The timeless mythological space of the narrative is jarringly ruptured by the lines "Fair creatures [the Carian shepherds]
The 2007 Squad Riders are: Rebecca and Roberta Roe and Danielle Willett from Lincolnshire; Pippa Allen, Cleveland; Zoe Adams, Essex; Jessie Drea, West Sussex; Oliver Evans, Clwyd; Carian Scudamore, Dyfed; Emma Stoker, North Humberside; George Whitaker, West Yorkshire; James Smith, Kirkcudbright; Trilbie Cook, Essex.