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Of or relating to the inhabitants of ancient Caria, their culture, or their language.
1. An inhabitant of ancient Caria.
2. The extinct Anatolian language of the Carians, known from scattered funerary inscriptions.
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Though popularly ascribed to Homer, its real author is said by Suidas to have been Pigres, a Carian, brother of Artemisia, `wife of Mausonis', who distinguished herself at the battle of Salamis.
Finally, entrepreneurial philanthropy is inherently risky and some failure probable, but the limited extent to which philanthropic institutions evaluate their own work and their reluctance to talk about failure encourages them to be unduly risk averse (Bishop 2013; Phillips and Carian 2018).
CREW: B Watson--Skipper, M Gilfoyle--Navigator, V Adillon, J De Carian, N De Carian
Michael Nyby was a stoic and masculine Valentin whose "Avant de quitter ces lieux" literally stopped the show; Carian Ryan's Valentin had the most convincing death scene I have ever witnessed, sung with clarity and a deathly pallor.
It does include useful lists of bronzes found outside Egypt, as well as examples with and without provenience inscribed in Greek, Phoenician, Carian, Persian, and Northwest Semitic, and with bilingual dedications.
See also Herodotus 1.146, where the practice of husbands and wives not dining together in certain Ionian cities was explained as a reaction to the murder of the Carian families of the first wives of the Greek colonists who settled the cities.
A particularly exciting suggestion is made in connection with the Tyrian pirates who arrive in a Carian cutter, abduct Daphnis, and batter Dorco to death.
Peter Sommer Travels has added a new gulet cruise along the Carian coast, Turkey.
On the roster of those attending are Carina Adams, Suzy Ayers, Danielle Bannister, Antoinette Candela, Cervone, Carian Cole, Jill Cooper, Lisa Beth Darling, Nicki DeStasi, Derek Dorr, Renee Dyer, Renee Ericson, W.
Brascher e Carian (2010) expoem que a base dos modernos SOC sao os conceitos e as relacoes entre eles; e e exatamente a estrutura e o nivel de complexidade na relacao entre termos, conceitos e classes que diferenciam os SOC.