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that the continent which I thought I saw from the island I lived in was really no continent, but a long island, or rather a ridge of islands, reaching from one to the other side of the extended mouth of that great river; and that the savages who came to my island were not properly those which we call Caribbees, but islanders, and other barbarians of the same kind, who inhabited nearer to our side than the rest.
I was positively against that; and looking over the charts of the sea-coast of America with him, we concluded there was no inhabited country for us to have recourse to till we came within the circle of the Caribbee Islands, and therefore resolved to stand away for Barbadoes; which, by keeping off at sea, to avoid the indraft of the Bay or Gulf of Mexico, we might easily perform, as we hoped, in about fifteen days' sail; whereas we could not possibly make our voyage to the coast of Africa without some assistance both to our ship and to ourselves.
Guadeloupe and Martinique became departements d'outre-mer in 1946, not 1948, and the Heron's Canoe refers to Ursa Major, not Ursa Minor, according to Douglas Taylor ("Notes on the Star Lore of the Caribbees"), who based his conclusions on fieldwork with Carib-speakers in the Dominica Carib Territory as well as on Breton and de la Borde.
Humboldt quotes at length from Aguirre's seditious letter to Philip II, which "paints the frightful truth of the manners of the soldiery of the sixteenth century." (18) Although Aguirre's brutality and violent religious zeal were directed primarily at Europeans, Humboldt's narrative suggests a relation between the violence associated with this conquistador and the great incursions by the "cannibal horde [horde anthrophage]" of the Caribbees against Valencia in 1578 and 1580 (4:193/2:97).
The Moon of the Caribbees, O'Neill's personal favorite among his one-acts, is a virtually plotless mood piece, and the stark, nearly empty setting at St.
213) Indeed, in one of O'Neill's earlier plays, The Moon of the Caribbees (1918), queer quite directly refers to alcoholic intoxication.
O'Neill had already written The Moon of the Caribbees (1918), which, from the very opening moment, associated blacks with the great southern sea.
Hotspots for teen drinking in Consett include Thornfield Road, The Grove, Caribbees Plantation, Delves Lane, and Riverside Industrial Estate in Langley Park.

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