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n. pl.1.A grand division of birds, including all existing flying birds; - So called from the carina or keel on the breastbone.
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Molecular characterization and cytological mapping of a non-repetitive DNA sequence region from the W chromosome of chicken and its use as a universal probe for sexing Carinatae birds.
Carinatae is used for the clade including the most recent ancestor of Ichthyornis and modern birds plus all of its descendants.
Folia numerosa, vaginae distinctae, ellipticae, 7-10 cm longae, 4-5 cm latae; laminae anguste triangulari-lanceolatae, 37-55 cm longae, 1.3-1.7 cm latae, involutae, distaliter arcuatae; scapus inflorescentiae erectus, teres, 29-50 cm longus; inflorescentia simplicissima; spica anguste elliptica, complanata, 18-25 cm longa, 3.5-4.5 cm lata; bracteae florales distichae, imbricatae, late ovatae, 5-5.5 cm longae, 4-4.5 cm latae, carinatae, supera virides, basalia incarnatae, nervatae; petala 7-8 cm longa, ca.