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A region and former duchy of central Europe in southern Austria and also Italy and Slovenia. It was part of the Habsburg domains after 1335.

Ca·rin′thi·an adj.


(Placename) a state of S Austria: an independent duchy from 976 to 1276; mainly mountainous, with many lakes and resorts. Capital: Klagenfurt. Pop: 559 440 (2003 est). Area: 9533 sq km (3681 sq miles). German name: Kärnten


(kəˈrɪn θi ə)

a province in S Austria. 559,000; 3681 sq. mi. (9535 sq. km). Cap.: Klagenfurt.
Ca•rin′thi•an, adj.
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The Lieserschulucht road bridge carries the main motorway from northern Europe to Italy over a river in mountainous Carinthia.
Haider was speaking in London last week as part of a tourism drive for Carinthia province, which he governs.
However, her doctor wrote to the Open University on behalf of Mrs Hateley, an estate manager at Bromford Carinthia Housing Association, and officials there allowed her to delay her exams, which she passed - and she has beaten her illness too.
The phenomenon of Haider, the young, charismatic, wealthy governor of the province of Carinthia (Karnten), has been well documented over the last two years.
Haider, governor of the Austrian state of Carinthia, traveled to Rome with a delegation of supporters to present an 80-foot Christmas tree to the pope Dec.
At Wolverhampton, Carinthia looks worth waiting for in the Miss Moneypenny Fillies' Handicap (9.
The Carinthia Lounge will feature a dedicated patisserie and an afternoon tea service, with the option of a special Veuve Cliquot Champagne Afternoon Tea experience.
The accident happened at the Hirt airfield, near the town of Friesach in the southern province of Carinthia, AP reported.
Faced with taxpayers angry that they should bear the brunt of Hypo's bailout, the government decided that holders of subordinated debt guaranteed by the state of Carinthia have to contribute as well.
ThreeQUEENS 11 DAYS Our gallery of online images will take you on a journey around her Art Deco interior, from the Grand Lobby to the Garden Lounge, the Royal Spa to the Royal Court Theatre and the Cafe Carinthia to the Clarendon Art Gallery, via the ship's suites and staterooms.
Enjoying the sun and getting a spring tan is best done in the French resort Orcieres Merlette, in the Italian resort Carezza or in Carinthia (Austria) on the southern side of the Alps.
March 13-14 -- Mount Snow, West Dover, Vermont, Carinthia Freeski Open, Association of Freestyle Professionals certified competition featuring pro freestyle skiers.