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1. A native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2. carioca
a. A dance similar to the samba.
b. The music for this dance.

[Portuguese, of Tupian origin.]

Car′i·o′can adj.


(ˌkærɪˈəʊkən) or


(Peoples) a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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We are taken into the depths of cariocan society as the authors survey a number of shaping forces from the late 1880s into the 20th century's middle decades: the immigration and subsequent urbanization of rural peasants, freed slaves, and their descendants; the rise of middle-class sectors; new forms of technology and communication (radio, the recording industry, television); various outside musical and cultural influences (military bands, jazz, American popular music, Carmen Miranda); and critical moments in national politics (the Vargas dictatorship).