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Noun1.Carl Anderson - United States physicist who discovered antimatter in the form of an antielectron that is called the positron (1905-1991)
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Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, will receive the Medal of the Archdiocese for the Military Services from Archbishop Timothy Broglio on Nov.
Carl Anderson will take the job as COO of Premier Auto Center and its affiliated JustTrucks.
Caption: Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson greets members of the audience prior to delivering his report to the 134th international convention of the KOC in Toronto.
The Sun secured points courtesy of Carl Anderson, Daryl Payne, Craig Eddy and Fred Lemon.
Based on the rock opera of the same name, the performance of Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson earned them nominations for the Golden Globe Awards in 1974.
Carl Anderson and I have agreed to spearhead a data mining effort to analyze a quarter century of ESIGs for the characteristics that are common across exemplary systems (a truly scientific endeavor albeit never looked at by academia).
Carl Anderson is charged with her murder and was brought to the city's crown court for a preliminary hearing.
PC McGinn was pinned against an Erdington lamp-post last June by a car driven by career criminal Carl Anderson.
Signed SS Cole Tucker, C Taylor Gushue, RHP Austin Coley, RHP Sam Street, INF Erik Lunde, OF Carl Anderson, RHP Nick Neumann and RHP Montana DuRapau to minor league contracts.
8221; The wonderful Yvonne Elliman joins Ted for their duet “Up Where We Belong” and the late, great Carl Anderson is featured in the reimagined “God's Gift To The World.
With the recent retirements of both John Corra, director of the Air Quality Division of the WDEQ, and Carl Anderson, administrator of Solid and Hazardous Waste Division of the WDEQ, a new interpretation of recent legislation is emerging that will affect landfills in the Bridger Valley and Evanston as well as surrounding counties.
Carl Anderson had been charged with attempting to murder Pc Peter McGinn but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court.