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 (än′drā, ăn′drē), John 1750-1780.
British army officer hanged as a spy in the American Revolution for conspiring with Benedict Arnold.


(ˈɑːndreɪ; ˈændrɪ)
(Biography) John. 1751–80, British major who was hanged as a spy for conspiring with Benedict Arnold during the War of American Independence


(ˈɑn dreɪ, ˈæn dri)

John, 1751–80, British major hanged as a spy by the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
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Robert Morris o Carl Andre entre otros, empiecen a relacionar y trabajar con los conceptos de paisaje, escultura y lugar (emplazamiento de la propia obra).
2) A close friend of Carl Andre, Miller shared his interest in the geometry of the grid.
Un silencio que actua por encima de cualquier significado figurativo o formal que pretendemos adherir a las esculturas de Carl Andre (Quincy, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos, 1935).
The high points of the memoir include CooperAEs encounters with major figures in conceptual art, pop art, and the avant garde, including Andy Warhol, Carl Andre, Allan Kaprow, and John Baldessari.
The simplicity of Hickinbottom's work is perhaps reminiscent of Equivalent VIII by Carl Andre, bought by Tate in 1972 and featured in special displays in 1974 and 1975 without attracting much publicity.
The gallery, which celebrated its seventh birthday last month, has attracted nearly one million visitors and played host to works by some of the biggest names in the art world including David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter, Anish Kapoor and Carl Andre.
Integrada por firmas entre las que sobresalen artistas minimalistas sesenteras --Donald Judd, Carl Andre, On Kawara, Fred Sandback, Andy Warhol--, como autores postconceptualistas como Damien Hirst, Mauricio Cattelan, Robert Gober y Jeff Koons, entre otros, la seleccion del acervo constituido por el heredero de la empresa Jumex, Eugenio Lopez Alonso, concreta los gustos del mercado artistico postconceptual de la pasada decada de los anos noventa y primera decada del siglo XXI.
Cheek by jowl, classic names of contemporary art (from Picasso and Carl Andre to Richard Long and Darren Almond) jostle with works that might grace the Royal Academy summer exhibition (a particular image comes to mind of a nude standing between stacked canvases caught in slanting light) and--perhaps the majority--those that even a hard-edged modernist critic finds hard to identify.
With austere elements, they created powerful autonomic forms that inspired Borst just as did the works from minimal art artists such as Carl Andre, Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt and Robert Mangold.
This show collects and commissions graphite-focused sculptures and installations from 15 artists, including Carl Andre, whose "Graphite Cube Sum of Numbers" (above) arranges 164 machine-sawed units in a geometric progression.
Offering an extraordinarily in-depth treatment of artist Carl Andre (b.
Making serial reconfigurations of modular units also brings to mind Carl Andre and Sol LeWitt, and as a reviewer of one of her "box" shows once quipped, Mel Bochner, Dr.