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Noun1.Carl Rogers - United States psychologist who developed client-centered therapy (1902-1987)
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It has been popularized by the "I'm Okay, You're Okay" group, but gained scientific respectability through psychologists such as Rollo May and Carl Rogers, and existential psychiatrists such as Victor Frankel.
Carl Rogers published Counseling and Psychotherapy (1942), which conceived of counseling as concerned with other than traditional medical models and disease entities and of the counselor as a directive authority.
Carl Rogers (1902-1985) advocated humanism as a psychology of learning.
I agree with Carl Rogers (Client-Centered Therapy) that if we just listen long enough and well enough, most of our clients will eventually figure out their own solutions to their problems.
Carl Rogers (1951, 1961) maintained that the first step toward helping any client is to build a trusting relationship.
Carl Rogers pleaded not guilty at Dumfries Sheriff Court to committing the offences stretching from the Erskine Bridge to the M74, near Ecclefechan, in July.
Carl Rogers, Steve Hole and Scott Ryan netted for the Shropshire side who have now won their last three games to ease their relegation worries.
This book presents the person-centered theory and approach developed by Carl Rogers, who has been voted by counseling practitioners to have been the most influential American psychotherapist.
Cornell, the co-developer of Inner Relationship Focusing and a past president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, traces the roots of this mind-body relational process to Eugene Gendlin's work with Carl Rogers, and shares her own journey with focusing.
Norfolk took advantage of some generous bowling to keep the scoreboard ticking over in their second innings, with Trevor Ward (52) and Carl Rogers (57no) leading the way.
Trevor Ward (52) and Carl Rogers (57no) both made halfcenturies as Norfolk ended the penultimate day on 157-3, with Stephen Gray (11) losing his wicket with the last ball of the day.
Pinley RFC members (front, from left) Carl Rogers, Sam Hollingsworth and Steffan Thompson, with (back row) Joyce Hope, Chris Hope and Tracey Marks with copies of the 2010 calendar.