Carl Van Doren

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Noun1.Carl Van Doren - United States writer and literary critic (1885-1950)
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Are you related to any of the other well-known Van Dorens?" "Well," Charles offered, "Dorothy Van Doren, the novelist and author of the recent The Country Wife is my mother, and Carl Van Doren, the biographer of Benjamin Franklin, was my uncle." He could also have mentioned Carl's ex-wife, Irita, longtime editor of The New York Herald-Tribune's famed book review section.
The image of the Midwest as cultural wilderness was first put forth by The Nations literary editor Carl Van Doren in 1921.
Mencken, Randolph Bourne, and Carl Van Doren soured Cather's reputation with younger--often left-leaning--critics such as Granville Hicks and Edmund Wilson.
Carl Van Doren noted the ambitiousness of Lindsay's rhapsodizing of figures overlooked by most poets, and Sherwood Anderson observed Lindsay's attempt to create a cast of characters to rival the heroes of Greek epic.
Sherman, and Carl Van Doren. New York: Putnam's, 1918.
Drawing from the classic historical account by Carl Van Doren, Mutiny in January, Fast dramatizes the class conflict inside the Revolutionary Army.
As Carl Van Doren has written, "History is now choosing the founders of the World Federation.
When it was published in 1947, Mumford thought it a failure, Carl Van Doren a disappointment, Stanley Edgar Hyman half coherent mumbo jumbo.