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Noun1.Carl Jung - Swiss psychologist (1875-1961)
image, persona - (Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world; "a public image is as fragile as Humpty Dumpty"
anima - (Jungian psychology) the inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious
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Carl Young registered the only goal in the second half but Emmanuel came through 3-1.
Carl Young created the handmade floral arrangements featured at the ceremony and the reception.
The Carl Young Memorial Earth Science Scholarship is being established to honor the meteorology instructor who taught at the college in South Lake Tahoe.
On May 31, Samaras, 55, died along with his 24-year-old son Paul and meteorologist Carl Young, 45.
Tim Samaras, his son Paul and their storm-chasing partner Carl Young died Friday in a twister in El Reno, west of Oklahoma City.
Tim Samaras, 55, a leading storm chaser and founder of the tornado research company, Twistex, was killed in the Oklahoma City suburb of El Reno along with his son, Paul Samaras, 24, and Carl Young, 45, a Twistex meteorologist, according to a statement from Tim Samaras' brother, Jim Samaras.
Storm chasers Tim Samaras (right), his son Paul Samaras (left) and Carl Young (second left) are pictured in this undated handout photo along with fellow storm chaser Tony Laubach.
Tim Samaras, 55, his son Paul Samaras, 24, and 45-year-old crew member Carl Young died when they were caught up in a 240kmh twister.
The Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" stars Tim Samaras and Carl Young were killed Friday while covering a tornado that ravaged the town of El Reno, Okla.
TEESSIDER Carl Young has caught a stunning pike to round off the river season in sensational style.
The man - named locally as Carl Young - was understood to have been the only child of 72-year-old Anita Young, who was also named by neighbours in Moor Pool Avenue, Harborne.
A little over 12 months ago, Riverside College tutor Jenny Leyland helped set up the Sutton Junior Football Club Academy in St Helens with coach Carl Young and welfare officer Joan Booth.