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 (kär′lĭng, -lĭn)
One of the short timbers running fore and aft that connect the transverse beams supporting the deck of a ship.

[Middle English, from Old French calingue and from Old Norse kerling, old woman (Old French, from Old Norse).]


(ˈkɑːlɪŋ) or


(Nautical Terms) a fore-and-aft beam in a vessel, used for supporting the deck, esp around a hatchway or other opening
[C14: from Old Norse kerling old woman, carline2]


(Biography) Will(iam). born 1965, English Rugby Union player; won 72 caps (1988–97); captained England to three Grand Slams (1991, 1992, 1995)
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Addressed directly by Judge Seamus Hughes, the boxer, of St Anthony's Cottages in the Co Westmeath town, said he had begun drinking at 4pm and had consumed around 12 pints of Carling beer.
The five-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was found dead in the arms of a woman on Barratts Road, Kings Norton, Deanne Barrass, aged 32, had spent the day downing six cans of Carling beer instead of getting medical attention for the puppy.
In recent years he came up with a high profile Carling beer ad in which a group of friends travel through space to an intergalactic nightclub.
The witness said he was drinking Carling beer and had some 'weed' but his memory was not 'clouded' as Mr Hall suggested.
On the alcohol side there were half litre bottles of Carling beer and Barcadi Breezers being sold at pounds 3.
Empties, 2007, comprises a Carling beer crate filled with hand-blown dark green bottles whose fragile stems are gracefully elongated to human height and resemble flowing reeds.
50; Pampers New Born (28 pack), two for pounds 6; Carling beer, 2 packs for pounds 12; Buitoni pasta sauces, two for pounds 2; John Smiths extra smooth bitter (12 x 440), pounds 8.
The constant battle was parodied in the advert for Carling beer pictured above.