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 (kär′lĭng, -lĭn)
One of the short timbers running fore and aft that connect the transverse beams supporting the deck of a ship.

[Middle English, from Old French calingue and from Old Norse kerling, old woman (Old French, from Old Norse).]
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(ˈkɑːlɪŋ) or


(Nautical Terms) a fore-and-aft beam in a vessel, used for supporting the deck, esp around a hatchway or other opening
[C14: from Old Norse kerling old woman, carline2]


(Biography) Will(iam). born 1965, English Rugby Union player; won 72 caps (1988–97); captained England to three Grand Slams (1991, 1992, 1995)
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For the third consecutive year, the People's Choice Award went to Carling Black Label, while Castle Milk Stout was awarded a Gold Medal, and a Silver for Lion Lager as well as Newlands Spring Brewery, for the Jacobs Pale Ale.
I spent an hour watching the world go by, enjoying a local beer (Carling Black Label, believe it or not) and a friendlier, more chilled-out place you would struggle to find anywhere in the world.
While we studied the menu that was presented on a smart clip board, I ordered a glass of crisp and fruity French sauvignon blanc and Hugh had a pint of Carling Black Label shandy.
1989: CARLING BLACK LABEL DAMBUSTERS - A playful take on the early morning competition between British and German holidaymakers eager to claim those prized poolside sunbeds.
It was also the birthplace of Carling, originally known as Carling Black Label.
Greyhound 'Movealong Sam' is on the rostrum after winning Cleveland |Park's Carling Black Label Stakes
Customers can order three Tuborg or Carling Black Label for [euro]10.
Carling BlacK Label came from Canada, Guinness introduced Harp, HeineKen was brought from Holland, Stella from Belgium and I recall finding Grunhalle on draught for the first time.
An award-winning example is a campaign for Carling Black Label, one of South African Breweries' top beer labels - Be the Coach.
He drove a truck for Carling Black Label and later Harlem Merchandising.
The dance routine formed part of the launch of the Carling Black Label "Everyday Champion", a national promotion that will run until 31 January 2012, in which consumers stand a chance to win one of seven Fiat Strada bakkies.