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n. pl.1.Same as Carl, 3.
Carling Sunday
a Sunday in Lent when carls are eaten. In some parts of England, Passion Sunday. See Carl, 4.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Carlings general manager, Vijay Govindsamy says this move by Carling had been made after they were certain that they could deliver an exceptional product which would be distinctive and yet retain the qualities of the countrys most globally awarded beer.
The new addition joins the Carling family, which has until now been proudly represented by Carling Black Label, South Africas most internationally awarded beer, with over 30 international trophies.
As they did for Carling Black Label, Carling brewers have pushed the boundaries with the creation of this audacious new beer.
It is understood that Cooke, who has a history of continuously calling the Carlings' home, agreed to the order.
Last night a friend of the Carlings said: "The injunction was not something they wanted to have to do but they were left with no alternative."
WILL CARLING'S wife has obtained a court order banning her ex-husband from seeing his children for a year.
When Jack Rowell, whose Bath-instilled philosophies were far removed from Carlings Harlequins, took over from Cooke, Caring was nominated as the first casualty of the take-over.
Jack Rowell last night praised Will Carling as eone of the great captains of world rugby.
The former England coach insisted that Carling, who is due to announce his retirement today at 32, was on a par with New Zealands Sean Fitzpatrick and South Africas Francois Piennar.
Will Carlings rugby future remained in doubt last night after a crisis meeting with Harlequins coach Andy Keast - and the former England captain may quit the sport later this week.
Carlings colleagues at Harlequins reacted by asking him to consider any decision for a further 48 hours.
But clearly there has been a major disagreement about selection policy and Carlings reluctance to conform strictly to the lifestyle of a modern rugby player.