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 (kär-līl′, kär′līl′)
A borough of northwest England near the Scottish border. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in Carlisle's 11th-century castle from May to July 1568.


(kɑːˈlaɪl; ˈkɑːlaɪl)
(Placename) a city in NW England, administrative centre of Cumbria: railway and industrial centre. Pop: 71 773 (2001). Latin name: Luguvallum


(kɑrˈlaɪl, ˈkɑr laɪl)

a city in Cumbria, in NW England. 102,900.
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As a misfortune to begin with, our engine broke down between Lancaster and Carlisle.
CECILY:--"This is Miss Julia Stanley, who used to teach in Carlisle a few years ago.
She said she was visiting a friend in Carlisle and thought she'd call to see father for old acquaintance sake.
When they can bend my war-bow, and bring down a squirrel at a hundred paces, I send them to take service under Johnny Copeland, the Lord of the Marches and Governor of Carlisle.
Accella adds a new platform for Carlisle bringing significant revenue and cost synergies to Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), and creates the opportunity to pursue additional adjacencies within the USD 15 billion global construction related polyurethane market.
Tenders are invited for Qty 48 EA #60300-8 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Disher 4 oz Grey Handle, Qty 24 EA #604360 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 2 oz Solid SS Red Handle, Qty 24 EA #604361 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 2 oz Perforated SS Red Handle, Qty 24 EA #604370 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 3 oz Solid SS Beige Handle, Qty 24 EA #604371 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 3 oz Perforated SS Beige Handle, Qty 60 EA #604380 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 4 oz Solid SS Green Handle, Qty 72 EA #604381 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 4 oz Perforated SS Green Handle, Qty 84 EA #604390 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 6 oz Solid SS Black Handle, Qty 24 EA #604391 Carlisle (or Vollrath) Spoodle 6 oz Perforated SS Black Handle.
ACCRINGTON boss John Coleman has stood by his criticism of Carlisle being able to play their 'home' games at a neutral venue following the flooding of their ground - but has apologised for any offence his comments caused.
THE wife of former Premier League footballer Clarke Carlisle has said she has been "overwhelmed" by messages of support since her husband was seriously injured in a collision with a lorry.
But the heart and soul of Carlisle is located barely a mile south of the interstate, and until 2009, the main artery from the interstate that carried traffic to the city's center--State Highway 13--had a winding route through the heart of the city.
com)-- Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-ply roofing systems and products recently honored Platinum Roofing, with the 2013 Excellence in Single-Ply Award.
14 November 2011 - US diversified manufacturer Carlisle Companies Inc (NYSE:CSL) has struck a deal to take over electronic interconnect parts supplier Tri-Star Electronics International Inc for an enterprise value of USD285m (EUR209m).
7 million bridge loan to WP Carlisle Associates LP for the purpose of acquiring a $25 million distressed loan in relation to the Carlisle Crossing shopping center located in Carlisle, PA.