Carmine red

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rosso carminio
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Significantly, the Performance colours (gold for success, white for purity and carmine red for passion) look very striking against these colours.
Available in black onyx, carmine red, true blue and green apple.
lt;BThe Carre Half-Round radiator, in carmine red, with curved towel rail, from PS1,392, available from Vasco, tel: 01254 704 420/, visit asco.
Vasco's is another company which is proving radiators rock, and its Carre Half-Round radiator, with curved towel rail, from PS1,392, is dramatic in carmine red.
Lots of black trim helps too and while this looks great matched with Carmine Red paint, that particular colour will set you back a whopping PS1,600.
29, 1765, Mittermayr filed an application for his first patent on the production of inks: with the permission of the Electoral Court, he was allowed to manufacture and market his own Sienna laque, Parisian blue, Carmine red and yellow inks.
The vehicle features Fashion Grey paintwork with contrasting red and black stripes on the bonnet and above the rocker panels, 20-inch Sport Classic wheels and an interior with carbon fibre trim on the dashboard, Carmine Red contrast stitching on the steering wheel, the door panels, the floor mats, and the top part of the dash, 18-way adjustable sport seats, a Bose sound system and rear parking sensors.
For these tests the following powdered artificial food dyes were used, lemon green (green color), lemon yellow (yellow color), orange red (orange color), chlorophyll (dark green color), and carmine red (red color) (Medina Sabores y Fragancias S.
50 Phase C MT-100TV (Tayca) (Titanium dioxide (and) aluminum hydroxide 175 (and) stearic acid) Colorona Carmine Red (Merck) (Mica (and) titanium dioxide 0.
Hind tibia blue green suffused with black, the distal tip carmine red.
And those seeking a sporty but casual mens ethical shoe will love these stylish Soft Carmine Red Sneakers that marry cool contemporary style effortlessly with comfort and durability.
Exclusive, optional interior packages are available only for the GTS, including contrasting stitching in Carmine Red or Peridot Metallic.