n.1.(Alchemy) The matter of which the philosopher's stone was believed to be composed.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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- US-based biotechnology company Carmot Therapeutics has initiated a clinical trial for the treatment of type 2 diabetes with CT-868, a dual modulator of the GLP-1 and GIP incretin receptors, the company said.
Carmot Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, has completed USD15m financing, it was reported yesterday.
Carmot Therapeutics has entered into a collaboration and license agreement with Amgen, Inc.
In addition, the services ultimately offered by the firm should complement each other; otherwise, the skills and knowledge required to offer the services will be so diverse that the firm carmot possibly' possess them all.
"The demands in their manifesto carmot cannot be met for South Africa because they are universal demands," he said in a Feb.
(Nasdaq) jumped 16 cents, or 18%, to $1.07 after granting Carmot Therapeutics an exclusive license to its proprietary "Fragment-Based Lead Discovery" technology.
Bush, is principal of Carmot Strategic Group, a Washington, D.C.
Reporters, I was informed, carmot witness a compliance inspection, observe the destruction of a bomber or missile silo, or conduct detailed interviews with American or Russian START inspectors.
United States-based Carmot Therapeutics has signed a multi-year drug discovery collaboration and licensing agreement with United States-based Amgen.
In a newspaper interview April 1, Barnes, an Australian who has spent 40 years in Papua New Guinea and is now a citizen, said "the church carmot be silenced when people are suffering.
Perhaps Stanford can now exclude hateful speech in protest against the Leonard Law, even if it carmot do so as a general matter.