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 (kär′năk, kär-näk′)
A village in northwest France on the coast of Brittany. It is famous for its prehistoric megalithic monuments that extend in parallel rows.

Car·na′cian (-nā′shən) adj.


(Placename) a village in NW France: noted for its many megalithic monuments, including alignments of stone menhirs
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That palace at Carnac was an insignificant little building after all.
He agreed that we knew something in that way, but inquired how I should have gone to work in getting up the imposts on the lintels of even the little palace at Carnac.
Tenders are invited for Ohe Work Related To Dismantling Of Hancock & Carnac Rob Inclusive Design, Supply, Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of 25Kv Ac Ohe At Hancock & Carnac Robs In Cstm By (Main Line) Section In Mumbai Division Of Central Railway
Being too early to check in we explored a beach called St Colomban, just outside the beautiful town of Carnac on the southern Breton coast.
Designed by Dedon with exclusive distribution by JANUS et Cie, the Obelisk ($8,837 list), contains four chairs and table that fit together to form a surreal sculpture (inspired by the Neolithic stone menhirs at Carnac, France's version of Stonehenge).
Always grinning and displaying great good nature there in the shadows McMahon served for 30 years as the show's host-introducer, couch-sitter, joke-laugher, pause-filler and occasional co-comic for the show's popular Carnac the Magnificent bit.
Carnac (no affiliation given, because he's supposed to be the Ripper) recounts the story of a childhood marked by the signs that he was going to become the Ripper, at the time of the murders.
As well as having a nice beach, Carnac is principally known for being one of the three most important megalithic sites in Brittany and is where 4,000 menhirs - standing stones - and tombs stand in row upon row, stretching over four kilometres.
What is the French village of Carnac in Brittany famous for?
Al Hadi comments: "Yesterday we were second behind the French guys, today we managed to tie in points with them, they're really good, we competed with them last year in Carnac and there was a massive difference in points, so we've certainly made progress, the gap between is closing.
Looby's hard work rewarded Apprentice Nora Looby rode her 11th winner when partnering Carnac to a runaway win in the 1m6f handicap.
Avant l'histoire: lFvolution des societes, de Lascaux d Carnac.