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 (kär′năk, kär-näk′)
A village in northwest France on the coast of Brittany. It is famous for its prehistoric megalithic monuments that extend in parallel rows.

Car·na′cian (-nā′shən) adj.
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(Placename) a village in NW France: noted for its many megalithic monuments, including alignments of stone menhirs
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He recollected, however,(talking of the porticoes,) that one affixed to an inferior palace in a kind of suburb called Carnac, consisted of a hundred and forty-four columns, thirty-seven feet in circumference, and twenty-five feet apart.
He agreed that we knew something in that way, but inquired how I should have gone to work in getting up the imposts on the lintels of even the little palace at Carnac.
Although Gwenllian and I had been mesmerised in previous visits by the magical stones and beaches at Carnac and by the beauty of Pont Aven, our boys didn't quite feel the same.
Quiberon and Carnac are coastal towns in which region of France?
But Ed McMahon, who died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 86, embraced his role as Johnny Carson's avuncular helper on "The Tonight Show." Always grinning and displaying great good nature there in the shadows McMahon served for 30 years as the show's host-introducer, couch-sitter, joke-laugher, pause-filler and occasional co-comic for the show's popular Carnac the Magnificent bit.
When they realised the significance of their discovery, Mr MacHale, aged 38, and Ms Hoba, aged 34, donated the axes to the Carnac Museum of Prehistory in Brittany, which specialises in prehistoric rock architecture.
Packing the car to the ceiling with necessities we'd forgotten last year - iPods and DVD players to keep the warring factions happy - we set off for the resort of Carnac, deep in Southern Brittany.
And the Great Carnac says: Tonight Show Host Jay Leno, his Big Dog Garage, and the latest addition to his arsenal--a Calypso WaterJet system.
The bits all seemed so seamless to me, no matter if he was playing "Carnac the Magnificent" or just chatting with sidekick Ed McMahon or one of his more than 25,000 guests.
That is especially evident on your local TV show, HawkTalk, where you don a turban and perform a Carnac The Magnificent (in this case, Martelli The Magnificent) skit, a la Johnny Carson.
Unless your potential insured's financial planner is Carnac the Magnificent, there is no way to predict the future.
Innovation, style and value make Carnac's products worthy of note by builders everywhere.