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a.1.Invested with, or embodied in, flesh.
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Maurice Levy and I are both confi- dent that Rich is the best person to in- carnate Leo Burnett on this new jour- ney," said Arthur Sadoun, CEO of Publicis Communications.
Ultimately it was my unwillingness to speak about the one thing perhaps most important in the mortal and carnate universe--my body's desire--that torqued my language into poetry.
Carnates "It isn't nice being dead," said the apparently solid-looking carnate apparition, and he began to tremble.
5) Etienne Le Gac (1671-1738) fue superior jesuita en la mision de Carnate, en el Sur de la India, proporcionando manuscritos indios a las bibliotecas del Colegio Louis-le-Grand y a la Real de Paris.
Not long after The Suffering's player-character is confined to his death cell in Abbot State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, Maryland, an earthquake strikes and the island is overrun by monsters that embody different aspects of its dark past.
Buzz" Martin III, executive director of Pakachoag Acres Day Care Centers, will perform a musical theater number with dance instructor Caitlin Foley, and Auburn Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Pierce will dance the salsa with Zumba dance instructor Glenda Carnate.
John Carnate admits he was literally "asleep at the wheel" several hours into his first spring chinook fishing trip of the year.
Clark y Holquist resumen esta posicion religiosa y filosofica de Bajtin: "In the Word Become Flesh, we perceive the carnate, material grounding of the utterance" (86).
The gerundive gifts of being, faith, thinking, teaching, procreating new life in families, and caring for all life are not accidentally manifestations of our Creator, carnate and incarnate.
These tales of old disguisings, are they not Strange myths of souls that found themselves among Unwonted folk that spake an hostile tongue, Some soul from all the rest who'd not forget The star-span acres of a former lot Where boundless mid the clouds his course he swung, Or carnate with his elder brothers sung Ere ballad-makers lisped of Camelot?
Christ is man, in the process of becoming divine, achieving transcendence out of his carnate adventure to the secular darkness" (Weathers, Critical Essay 24).
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