Carnic Alps

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Car·nic Alps

A range of the eastern Alps in southern Austria and northeast Italy rising to about 2,780 m (9,120 ft).

Car′nic Alps′

(ˈkɑr nɪk)
a mountain range in S Austria and N Italy, part of the E Alps. Highest peak, 9217 ft. (2809 m).
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Sardinia was later assigned to the same HDS biofacies (Ferretti & Serpagli 1999), suggesting that this area and the Carnic Alps in Katian time occupied a lower latitude as the same biofacies had been reported in the British and Baltoscandic provinces (Sweet & Bergstrom 1984).
nubivaga is recorded from Italy by Pesarini (1995), di Franco (1997), and Trotta (2005) supposedly after the records published by Caporiacco (1926) who identified one female and one male (not described) from Carnic Alps (province of Udine, Forno Avoltri, ric.
He quickly adapted tactical, communications, security, and logistical tactics and techniques to that portion of the Carnic Alps which was his unit's area of operation, with great success.