Carnic Alps

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Car·nic Alps

A range of the eastern Alps in southern Austria and northeast Italy rising to about 2,780 m (9,120 ft).
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Car′nic Alps′

(ˈkɑr nɪk)
a mountain range in S Austria and N Italy, part of the E Alps. Highest peak, 9217 ft. (2809 m).
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Walliser (1964) described the morphospecies Spathognathodus inclinatus posthamatus from the Ludlow of Cellon (Carnic Alps) to include carminate elements with a narrow platform along the entire length of both sides of the elements.
This study is based on collections from several sections and localities in the Carnic Alps, Sardinia and Morocco and on a thorough bibliographical investigation.
The species has been reported from the Carnic Alps (e.g.
The zone was introduced by Walliser (1964) in the Cellon section (Carnic Alps).
New conodont faunas from the Late Ordovician of the Central Carnic Alps, Austria.
duftonus are also documented in continental Europe from the Carnic Alps (e.g.
Silurian sequence stratigraphy of the Carnic Alps, Austria.
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nubivaga is recorded from Italy by Pesarini (1995), di Franco (1997), and Trotta (2005) supposedly after the records published by Caporiacco (1926) who identified one female and one male (not described) from Carnic Alps (province of Udine, Forno Avoltri, ric.
He quickly adapted tactical, communications, security, and logistical tactics and techniques to that portion of the Carnic Alps which was his unit's area of operation, with great success.
This oolitic unit (improperly named, for its composition, the 'Praso limestone') could laterally correlate towards the east, in the western South-Alpine segment, with the famous oolitic Tesero member at the base of the Werfen Formation of the Dolomitic and Carnic Alps (Cassinis et al., 1993, 2007; Cassinis and Perotti, 2007).
In Volume 4, Keaton works to uncover the identity of a traitor who condemned thousands of his fellow Roma people to extermination in Nazi death camps; comes to the unlikely aid of a South African expatriate; mounts a last-ditch defense against an avalanche in Italy's Carnic Alps; becomes embroiled in a plot of murder and revenge between members of the I.R.A.