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Any of various large carnivorous theropod dinosaurs of the group Carnosauria of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, characterized by a large head and teeth and a stiff tail, and including allosaurus and giganotosaurus.

[From New Latin Carnosauria, taxon name : Latin carō, carn-, flesh; see (s)ker- in Indo-European roots + Greek sauros, lizard.]
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any of various large carnivorous bipedal dinosaurs of the group Carnosauria, including the allosaurs
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Noun1.carnosaur - large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur having huge claws
bird-footed dinosaur, theropod, theropod dinosaur - any of numerous carnivorous dinosaurs of the Triassic to Cretaceous with short forelimbs that walked or ran on strong hind legs
Carnosaura, suborder Carnosaura - largest carnivorous land animals ever known
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The presence of carcharodontosaurids at La Cantalera constitutes the first occurrence of this group in the Hauterivian-Barremian transition and demonstrates the presence of these carnosaurs in the Early Cretaceous of the Iberian Peninsula.
Initial examination suggests that the fossils belong to carnosaurs -- aggressive, two-legged carnivores -- and sauropods, which were docile, four-legged herbivores.