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Noun1.carnauba wax - hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes
carnauba palm, Copernicia cerifera, Copernicia prunifera, wax palm, carnauba - Brazilian fan palm having an edible root; source of a useful leaf fiber and a brittle yellowish wax
wax - any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water
cera de carnauba
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Performance Waxes and Candles: Elevance's Nature Wax products are used in candles, polishes and coatings as an alternative to raw materials with supply problems and performance limitations such as paraffin, beeswax and carnuba.
The good doctor fears I may be allergic to one of the gum's ingredients: E104, E171, E321 and carnuba wax.
Wheatgrass helps to condition and nourish while Japan and Carnuba wax make it smudge proof in the rain or at the gym.