Carolina jessamine

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Car·o·li·na jessamine

also Car·o·li·na jasmine  (kăr′ə-lī′nə)
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Clematis intermingles with roses on one section of the crape-myrtle arbors; in other areas, it's Carolina Jessamine or Confederate jasmine that wind among the branches.
In springtime, the fragrant bouquet of Carolina jessamine, the state's flower, greets visitors.
Carolina jessamine, polyanthus jasmine, and star jasmine are all pretty choices: They cling by twining up narrow slats, or with tendrils.
They used Carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens), a vine that bursts out in yellow flowers during March and April in its southeastern-U.
Crossvine, Carolina jessamine, coral honeysuckle, and the native American wisteria are excellent choices for festooning an arbor or naturally clambering up a tree.

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