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 (lĭ-nē′əs, -nā′-), Carl or Carolus Also called Carl von Linné. 1707-1778.
Swedish botanist and founder of the modern classification system for plants and animals, presented in his influential work Systema Naturae.
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n, pl -luses or -li (-ˌlaɪ)
(Historical Terms) any of several coins struck in the reign of a king called Charles, esp an English gold coin from the reign of Charles I
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Noun1.carolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman EmperorCarolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor; conqueror of the Lombards and Saxons (742-814)
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O, yes; and with him comes the German conjurer, The learned Faustus, fame of Wittenberg, The wonder of the world for magic art; And he intends to shew great Carolus The race of all his stout progenitors, And bring in presence of his majesty The royal shapes and perfect semblances Of Alexander and his beauteous paramour.
This deed of thine, in setting Bruno free From his and our professed enemy, Shall add more excellence unto thine art Than if by powerful necromantic spells Thou couldst command the world's obedience: For ever be belov'd of Carolus! And if this Bruno, thou hast late redeem'd, In peace possess the triple diadem, And sit in Peter's chair, despite of chance, Thou shalt be famous through all Italy, And honour'd of the German Emperor.
These gracious words, most royal Carolus, Shall make poor Faustus, to his utmost power, Both love and serve the German Emperor, And lay his life at holy Bruno's feet: For proof whereof, if so your grace be pleas'd, The doctor stands prepar'd by power of art To cast his magic charms, that shall pierce through The ebon gates of ever-burning hell, And hale the stubborn Furies from their caves, To compass whatsoe'er your grace commands.
Come, Faustus: while the Emperor lives, In recompense of this thy high desert, Thou shalt command the state of Germany, And live belov'd of mighty Carolus.
Archer remembered, on his last visit to Paris, seeing a portrait by the new painter, Carolus Duran, whose pictures were the sensation of the Salon, in which the lady wore one of these bold sheath-like robes with her chin nestling in fur.
The famous baritone, Carolus Fonta, had hardly finished Doctor Faust's first appeal to the powers of darkness, when M.
The two will take the place of former politician Cheryl Carolus and 83North partner, Laurel Bowden.
Lalaina Nomenjanahary opened the scoring in the 13th minute (right, congratulated) and Carolus Andriamahitsinoro hit the second eight minutes into the second half.
Lalaina Nomenjanahary took advantage of sloppy defending by Leon Balogun to open the scoring in the 13th minute and Carolus Andriamahitsinoro netted the second eight minutes into the second half.
Goals from Anicet Abel and Carolus Andriamatsinoro had them ahead after Sory Kaba's opener only for Francoise Kamano to level from the spot.
No cautions for Utd in the whole season THE anonymous Echo sports columnist "Carolus" reported "In these stormy soccer days of rowdyism on the terraces and rough play, it is pleasant to record that Loughborough United went through last season without a player cautioned.