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 (lĭ-nē′əs, -nā′-), Carl or Carolus Also called Carl von Linné. 1707-1778.
Swedish botanist and founder of the modern classification system for plants and animals, presented in his influential work Systema Naturae.


n, pl -luses or -li (-ˌlaɪ)
(Historical Terms) any of several coins struck in the reign of a king called Charles, esp an English gold coin from the reign of Charles I
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Noun1.carolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman EmperorCarolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor; conqueror of the Lombards and Saxons (742-814)
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Archer remembered, on his last visit to Paris, seeing a portrait by the new painter, Carolus Duran, whose pictures were the sensation of the Salon, in which the lady wore one of these bold sheath-like robes with her chin nestling in fur.
The famous baritone, Carolus Fonta, had hardly finished Doctor Faust's first appeal to the powers of darkness, when M.
Berth occupancy was reported at the Port at fifty three percent on Thursday where a total of nine ships namely Mataquito, Northern Movement, Ruining-2, MG Earth, Krui Beke, Ever Rich-6, Carolus Magnus, Chemroad Echo and Glorious are currently occupying berths to load/offload Containers, Coal, Canola Seeds, LPG, Edible oil and Diesel oil respectively.
Edited by Carolus GrEtters, Sandra Mantu, and Paul Minderhoud
Astrid Carolus, Media Psychologist at the University of Wuerzburg commented : " Our experiment shows that people -- at least up to now -- have rarely assumed their data to be valuable.
Carolus (Karl) Linnaeus (23 May 1707 10 January 1778) started off as a curious child who loved exploring the garden.
In 1576, Carolus Clusius, the botanist who essentially brought the tulips to Holland from their native home in Central Asia, was among the first to describe the"viral" flowers.
One of those who issued statements told police he saw two masked men waiting for Robertus Carolus Maria Van Der Ploeg, 59, outside the house of Emma Ambaic before 7 p.
Astrid Carolus, from the University of WE-rzburg added.
The first privately-owned porcelain factory in Germany was founded by Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther (1794 -1845) in Hohenburg in Bavaria.
In 1732, Carolus Linnaeus documented the Sameeatnan (Sami land) on his journey to northern Sweden.
Hamdi pourra, toutefois, se consoler par la disponibilite de son attaquant malgache, Carolus Andria, de retour de blessure.