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n.1.A cylindrical roll of tobacco; as, a carotte of perique.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Monk quite as hungry as his people, but affecting perfect indifference for the absent mutton, cut a fragment of tobacco, half an inch long, from the carotte of a sergeant who formed part of his suite, and began to masticate the said fragment, assuring his lieutenants that hunger was a chimera, and that, besides, people were never hungry when they had anything to chew.
Pelet would probably have greeted him with a public rebuke, and would certainly have mulcted him both of soup and fish; as it was, that polite though partial gentleman only shook his head, and as I took my place, unrolled my napkin, and said my heretical grace to myself, he civilly despatched a servant to the kitchen, to bring me a plate of "puree aux carottes" (for this was a maigre-day), and before sending away the first course, reserved for me a portion of the stock-fish of which it consisted.
So saying, he ordered about fifteen carottes of tobacco, and as many bags of corn, to be brought from the boat and laid in a heap near the council fire.
La courgette et la carotte notamment, tres demandees, ont passe de 50 DA a plus de 100 DA.
The tea set comes with eight different desserts, including roche balanche, cafe mocha tart, passion cream marshmallow roll cake, entremet au carotte, cranberry scone with homemade jam Two snacks ndash; salmon sushi and a mini corn dog ndash; and a fruit punch cocktail is also included in the set.
Jack's nickname was 'ti carotte, or "little carrot," because he was a redhead.
She compares the first Romanian translation of Jules Renard's Poil de carotte (1894) to six of the seven retranslations published between 1960 and 2012 (one retranslation was excluded from the corpus because it was not complete).
On y apprend sans grande surprise que les legumes au sommet de la hierarchie des cultures maraicheres sont le chou, le navet, l'oignon, la carotte et la betterave.
Synopsis: Neglected by his parents, bullied by his peers, left to wander the streets and woods by himself (that is, when he isn't locked in his room or the cellar for punishment), the little redheaded boy known as "Poil de Carotte" ["Carrot Top"] manages to survive the worst that rural France has to offer.