a.1.Without a carpet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
I started to get up, and knocked down an umbrella; it made a noise like a pistol-shot when it struck that hard, slick, carpetless floor; I grated my teeth and held my breath--Harris did not stir.
Standing in the bare stone hall, and surveying a staircase of superb breadth, but cracked and carpetless, she further ventured the opinion that there were rats, as large as terriers at home, and that if one put one's foot down with any force one would come through the floor.
The bright fire in the parlor was the only light that showed the few chairs, the bureau, the carpetless floor, and the one table--no, not the one table; there was a second table, in a corner, with a large Bible and a few other books upon it.
Hastening down the creaking and carpetless staircase, she found her way into the garden, gathered some of the most perfect of the roses, and brought them to her chamber.
The common stairs of this mansion were bare and carpetless; but a curious visitor who had to climb his way to the top, might have observed that there were not wanting indications of the progressive poverty of the inmates, although their rooms were shut.
"It's a belter of a book, a real page-turner - and it's incredible to think that she wrote it, aged 20, in a carpetless council flat, during snatched moments while her baby was sleeping."
We were reminded by one elderly resident sitting in her again carpetless living room accompanied by drying machines of the long-standing tradition in mining communities of every one mucking in and doing what they can for others when things go wrong.
I was one of the unfortunate people who waited weeks to see this funny man who apparently walked out because of his carpetless dressing room.
There were forty students in the class, crammed so tightly into a windowless, carpetless classroom that conversation was all but impossible.
In a "'carpetless little cell' at Keble College," his roommate was a "good fellow [...] a little too childish for real companionship [...] a very decent sort of man" (69).
It's been known for some trippers to cuddle up in front of a fire - started on a carpetless hotel room floor!
As she and her benefactor tour her new place of residence they exchange almost no words at all, but Lucy's attentive eye nonetheless marks many of the comfortable features of her future house: a tiny parlour whose "delicate walls" are "tinged like a blush," a little kitchen with "bright brasses, two chairs, and a table," and a "well-scoured" and "carpetless" classroom with a "teacher's chair and table" (584-5).